Rupha addresses issues concerning NHIF During its Annual General Meeting

More than 660 hospitals are once again threatening to withdraw outpatient services for members of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to protest a mismatch in capitation rates and delays in signing contracts.

According to Rural Private Hospital Association of Kenya Chairman Dr Brian Lishenga ,The 2024 annual general meeting of the association happening on Thursday is expected to make talks on the issues concerning NHIF.

“We are still in talks as an association,we need to see a plan for settling the bills,and the mode of payment.There is commitment that before the transition is over the settlement must happen,”He Said.

Dr Lishenga disclosed that 22 Billion Kenya shillings is the outstanding liability of NHIF amount.

The facilities under faith-based organizations and the Rural Private Hospitals Association (RUPHA) say NHIF branch offices are asking for invoices quoting Sh1,000 rather than the agreed Sh1,400 per beneficiary per year.

Dr Timothy Olweny, Chairman Social Authority Board,The Transition from NHIF to SHIF will continue until the first of July citing the reason for transition is to have a one standards package for everyone.

The other grievance of the healthcare providers is that the insurer is yet to distribute physical contracts for the 2022-2024 cycle. The group says its members are also yet to receive funds for the second month of the quarter.

Source: Vipasho

Author:  Sophy Adhiambo

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